Thursday, October 1, 2009

Author interview: Fabian johnson

Hey everybody want the scoop on a new author and his new book? Well I got the privilege of asking new Author Fabian Johnson some questions.

Name: Fabian Johnson

Book Title: A Hero's Legacy, Shattered Friendship

Release date: Not solid on that one yet but available for pre-order before the end of this month.

Synopsis: I always get wrapped up in this but here goes. Michael is the son of one of the greatest dragon riders ever. Fearing that he would suffer the same fate as his father and have to sacrifice his life for the greater good his mother hid him away in a small rural town on the outskirts of the kingdom. After his dragon Bahamut appeared in his life it became obvious to his mother that no matter how much she tried she cannot hide him from his destiny. Now he has returned to take his place alongside the other young riders (fatherless youths like himself) to train under CPT. Daniels (the only survivor from the previous generation) in order to stop the Necromancer from finishing what he started a decade ago. Michael makes friends with the handful of riders rather quickly but one (Maxwell) resents him for unknown reasons. Maxwell being the son of the rider who turned his back on the fold and slayed all the others is a very talented warrior that promises to be the next great dragon rider, but even though Michael can't match his skill he has raw talent of his own. With the childish Frank and his big brother David and also the smart Alec Gregory and the quiet Mark. These young boys are really all that stands between the necromancer reviving his wyvern and finishing what he started and Maxwell's father Victor, from being the last dragon rider alive.

What inspired you to become and author? Is writing your main job? What inspired me to become an author is simply my desire to read a good book. I know that there are plenty of good authors out there; there are even more bad ones. Lately most of the books that I've been reading seem like cliché ridden attempts to make a quick buck off the reader. I could pretty much tell the whole story without having to read and often read just to prove myself right. I hoped that someone would write something that felt fresh, then I thought "why can't I?" So I started to make up my own story with my own characters and pretty much enjoyed the show while remembering what I saw in my imagination. And no, writing is not my main profession. It really started as a hobby. I am a full time soldier in the U.S. Army. Infantry at that. Though I have a little over a year left and plan on going to college and eventually med-school.

Why dragon riders? Dragon riders because they are my favorite mythical characters. Like how everyone has their favorite race. Until now dragon riders have been humans with special abilities, but in my story they are in fact they're own people. Also, I feel that the few books that I have read on dragon riders did not do them any justice. I never once got the feeling that these were people capable of epic feats. I planned on showing the world that dragon riders are more than farm boys atop a fire breathing lizard.

What do you have to say to people who may judge your book before they even read it? To them I say you're wrong. Trust me you have no idea what will happen in this story. I know this because in truth, most things I wrote, I wrote after seeing it happen for the first time myself. My characters really have a life of their own and this isn't your typical good VS evil story either. To sum it all up I would say this is just the story of a group of friends with extraordinary skills trying to survive against a seemingly unstoppable threat. It's just their life. No good, no evil, just differences in perspective to what's right and wrong. (Even the villain has good reasons for being how he is)

What advice do you have for aspiring writers? My advice to any new writers out there is to read when you can and write write write. Writing should never be a burden, if it is then there is something wrong. Sure there will be times when the ideas just aren't coming but for the most part it should be fun. You should enjoy getting lot in the world you created and seeing your characters grow. Just keep writing and don't worry about spelling and grammar too much. Eventually you'll get better and there will always be editors

Thank you for the interview Mr.Johnson! Sounds like a great book so be on the lookout for this Book in the near future.


  1. I want to read the book!
    Nice blog!
    Nice post!


    you should go to and on the left side it says 'fresh face friday'. You should click on that and fill out the form. And if she features you on her blog you could probably get more visitors coming to you blog!

    Good Luck!

  3. I'm lovin your blog. If my writing career takes off I'll be sure to give you the first scoop. B.T.W. Have you had a chance to read any of the manuscript yet? Before I begin the second installment I'd really love to hear the opinion of a real reader.

  4. Thanks I appreciate everybodys kind words. And fabian I actually havent started reading yet but i will tommorow I will have some feed back for you on saturday the latest.

  5. Hi, just wanted to let you know the books on sale now. Amazon,B&N ect. Thanks again for the interview. Happy holidays!


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