Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The astonishing adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl by Barry lyga

Author: Barry Lyga



synopsis (from B&N): For most of his life, Donnie's followed his mother's advice, given when he was first picked on by bullies in grade school: ignore them. He lives mostly under the radar, both at school and at home, sailing through classes and working on his graphic novel, Schemata. His life sucks, but at least he knows what to expect. The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl relates what happens when someone notices him — really notices him — for the first time.
Mysterious Goth girl Kyra, dressed in black and with an attitude just as dark, forces her way into his life, renaming him Fanboy. A loner in her own right, Kyra challenges Fanboy's perceptions of his possibilities. When Fanboy's longtime friend Cal starts hanging out with the jocks that have always made Fanboy's life a living hell, Kyra steps in to fill the void. She convinces him that greatness lies within reach, if only he can convince comic book guru Bendis to take a look at his graphic novel . . .
Author Barry Lyga, a comic book fan in his own right, writes intimately and respectfully about how the world sees and is seen by marginalized, creative, and conflicted teens whose only difference from those around them is that they read and write about superheroes.

Opinion/review: I know that I always give the books I read 5/5 but they deserve it and this book also deserves it. Mr. Lyga has a way of writing that engages the reader. Maybe it’s just me but I can relate to the comic geek and Goth chick more than the popular kids. The characters seem real they have their flaws and can sometimes makes us wonder why someone would like them but in my opinion is what is great about the book. It’s a new type of story and I definitely recommend this book.5/5

Sound like something you may want to read? check out my contest here and sign up for a chance to win it along with one of these yup a gothgirl minimate.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

20 questions

Hey are their any Barry lyga fans out there? well if yes he just posted his answers to 20 questions his fans asked and mine got answered and I won a minimate. Which I am giving away to one lucky winner in my contest which is up and going. Also for Fanboy fans Schemata graphic novel pages are up. So go check that out.Review for fanboy and gothgirl will be up soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

completely nerdy moment I just saw the deathly hallows trailer and am so excited for next year. check it out for youself at mugglenet. you kinda have to scroll down the page but its worth looking for.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Long overdue award posting

I got this award from Elnice@ Ellz reads (Thank you)

The honest scrap award is for those bloggers who write from the heart. I have to nominate 7 bloggers and say ten honest things about myself.


reggie from undercoverbooklover

Vania from reveriebookreviews

Milka from Read.Read.Read.

lost in shadows

sorry thats all I can think of at the moment

10 honest facts:

1. I love books(obviously)

2.Im addicted to lemons with salt(so good)

3.I plan to study political science and chicano studies

4. I wish I could get into UC?

5. I like to the smell of new books (i know weird)

6. I hate milk

7. the dork in me loves school supplies but I don't have a huge backpack

8. I admit to spending some of my reading time playing video games(I know shame on me)

9. I like to procastinate

10. shh dont tell anybody but I am just a little bit of a weirdo ;)

I still have some other awards to post but that will be at another time because me and blogger are not getting along right now

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Books I love and want to share contest

UPDATE:changed name due to my mistake
UPDATE: sorry forgot but U.S. only and please leave which book you would like to win with your entry.Ends 1/31
Alright I like to keep some contest on here all the time for my followers new or old.This contest will be my longest one. Basically I will be giving away three books and these are just some of my favorites so in the spirit of the holidays i will give them away to you guys.

Again these are some books that I really like and want to get people to read them although since they did come out like 1-3 years ago some of you may have read them.The great thing is that along with the books will be some swag. Mr. Friesen was kind enough to send some signed bookmarks to go along with the winner of the book. For mr. Lyga's book I will be parting with a minimate I won and a postcard. For two way street I haven't got anything yet and if i dont i will add a jerk california signed bookmark and a postcard from F&GG. So yeah three book+swag each.

Rules: First and foremost you must be or become a follower to enter.Please leave which book you would like to win and in case two or more people want the same book it will be on a first come first serve basis.

+1 new follower

+2 old follower

+1 for every comment on a post starting with papertowns

+2 for comments that were made before 12/1

+2 sidebar or blog post

+5 add me to your blogroll

That is it contest ends 1/31 so plenty of time to enter and rack up some extra points.
Oh and please leave email if you are not comftable with this email it to me at