Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The astonishing adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl by Barry lyga

Author: Barry Lyga



synopsis (from B&N): For most of his life, Donnie's followed his mother's advice, given when he was first picked on by bullies in grade school: ignore them. He lives mostly under the radar, both at school and at home, sailing through classes and working on his graphic novel, Schemata. His life sucks, but at least he knows what to expect. The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl relates what happens when someone notices him — really notices him — for the first time.
Mysterious Goth girl Kyra, dressed in black and with an attitude just as dark, forces her way into his life, renaming him Fanboy. A loner in her own right, Kyra challenges Fanboy's perceptions of his possibilities. When Fanboy's longtime friend Cal starts hanging out with the jocks that have always made Fanboy's life a living hell, Kyra steps in to fill the void. She convinces him that greatness lies within reach, if only he can convince comic book guru Bendis to take a look at his graphic novel . . .
Author Barry Lyga, a comic book fan in his own right, writes intimately and respectfully about how the world sees and is seen by marginalized, creative, and conflicted teens whose only difference from those around them is that they read and write about superheroes.

Opinion/review: I know that I always give the books I read 5/5 but they deserve it and this book also deserves it. Mr. Lyga has a way of writing that engages the reader. Maybe it’s just me but I can relate to the comic geek and Goth chick more than the popular kids. The characters seem real they have their flaws and can sometimes makes us wonder why someone would like them but in my opinion is what is great about the book. It’s a new type of story and I definitely recommend this book.5/5

Sound like something you may want to read? check out my contest here and sign up for a chance to win it along with one of these yup a gothgirl minimate.

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20 questions

Hey are their any Barry lyga fans out there? well if yes he just posted his answers to 20 questions his fans asked and mine got answered and I won a minimate. Which I am giving away to one lucky winner in my contest which is up and going. Also for Fanboy fans Schemata graphic novel pages are up. So go check that out.Review for fanboy and gothgirl will be up soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

completely nerdy moment I just saw the deathly hallows trailer and am so excited for next year. check it out for youself at mugglenet. you kinda have to scroll down the page but its worth looking for.

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Long overdue award posting

I got this award from Elnice@ Ellz reads (Thank you)

The honest scrap award is for those bloggers who write from the heart. I have to nominate 7 bloggers and say ten honest things about myself.


reggie from undercoverbooklover

Vania from reveriebookreviews

Milka from Read.Read.Read.

lost in shadows

sorry thats all I can think of at the moment

10 honest facts:

1. I love books(obviously)

2.Im addicted to lemons with salt(so good)

3.I plan to study political science and chicano studies

4. I wish I could get into UC?

5. I like to the smell of new books (i know weird)

6. I hate milk

7. the dork in me loves school supplies but I don't have a huge backpack

8. I admit to spending some of my reading time playing video games(I know shame on me)

9. I like to procastinate

10. shh dont tell anybody but I am just a little bit of a weirdo ;)

I still have some other awards to post but that will be at another time because me and blogger are not getting along right now

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Books I love and want to share contest

UPDATE:changed name due to my mistake
UPDATE: sorry forgot but U.S. only and please leave which book you would like to win with your entry.Ends 1/31
Alright I like to keep some contest on here all the time for my followers new or old.This contest will be my longest one. Basically I will be giving away three books and these are just some of my favorites so in the spirit of the holidays i will give them away to you guys.

Again these are some books that I really like and want to get people to read them although since they did come out like 1-3 years ago some of you may have read them.The great thing is that along with the books will be some swag. Mr. Friesen was kind enough to send some signed bookmarks to go along with the winner of the book. For mr. Lyga's book I will be parting with a minimate I won and a postcard. For two way street I haven't got anything yet and if i dont i will add a jerk california signed bookmark and a postcard from F&GG. So yeah three book+swag each.

Rules: First and foremost you must be or become a follower to enter.Please leave which book you would like to win and in case two or more people want the same book it will be on a first come first serve basis.

+1 new follower

+2 old follower

+1 for every comment on a post starting with papertowns

+2 for comments that were made before 12/1

+2 sidebar or blog post

+5 add me to your blogroll

That is it contest ends 1/31 so plenty of time to enter and rack up some extra points.
Oh and please leave email if you are not comftable with this email it to me at

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Jerk, California by Jonathan friesen

Title: Jerk California
Author: Jonathan Friesen
Publisher: Speak(penguin)
Pages: 327
Twitch, Jerk, Freak—Sam Carrier has been called them all. Because of his Tourette's syndrome, Sam is in near constant motion with tics and twitches and verbal outbursts. So, of course, high school is nothing but torment. Forget friends; forget even hoping that beautiful, perfect Naomi will look his way. And home isn't much better with his domineering stepfather reminding him that the only person who was more useless than Sam was his dead father, Jack. But then an unexpected turn of events unearths the truth about his father. And suddenly Sam doesn't know who he is, or even where he'll go next. What he does know is that the only girl in the world who can make him happy and nervous at the same time is everywhere he turns . . . and he'd give anything just to be still.
Opinion/review:I have actually reread this book many times since last year and now i can share what I thought. I really enjoyed this book. It's the type of book that gets stuck in your head(not literally). It's also very refreshing to read something different, that you can relate to and feels real. Sam struggles to be "normal" he lives with a hatred and feeling that his disease is a curse. Under all that is the thought that his father didnt want him and was some type of loser. His stepdad disowned him when he got Tourette's and his mom cowers and doesnt help sam. Then comes Naomi, beautiful and mysterious Naomi who has her own secrets. Then crazy coot who Sam doesnt understand but because of him learns something that changes his life and even his name. Sam's journey to self discovery is literally a journey somehow he and Naomi get thrown together on a road to trip that will lead them to Jerk, California and some answers. The one thing though that everybody must keep in mind is that all the characters have some flaws that will annoy you but thats what makes them seem so real.5/5 you must go buy this now!
P.S. there is also a song that was inspired by the book listen it here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Liar by Justine Larbalestier

I can't really review this book because i couldnt finish it which is weird. It just couldnt keep me hooked so that is all i will say.

December: coming soon (READ IT"S FOR YOU)

Okay peeps so my why we love books contest has just ended and winners your books will be sent out after thanksgiving break. So I have some great stuff in store for you guys.
The astonishing adventures of fanboy and gothgirl by Barry Lyga
Jerk, California by Jonathan Friesen
Two-way street by Lauren Barnholdt
Christmas/New year(or whatever you celebrate) contest
see those reviews that I am going to do well all I have to say is you might want to comment on them. Contest will start mid-December and finish sometime in january.(sorry but U.S only)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paper towns by John Green

Title: Paper Towns

Author: John Green

Publisher: Dutton Books

Pages: 305

Synopsis (B&N): Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life—dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge— he follows. After their all-nighter ends, and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues— and they're for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees the girl he thought he knew.

Opinion: Can I just say that John green has done it again? I mean like with Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines he has created some great characters. I like how he uses a guy’s point of view but it doesn’t take away from the other main characters. In this book I like how Quentin has this built up version of Margo. We see in the first part this adventurous and mysterious girl who is like a siren to Quentin’s bad boy side but as the book progresses we get to know a completely different Q&M. We get to see Quentin sort of break out of the person everybody sees and grow as a person. Margo becomes human and not some romanticized version of Quentin’s imagination. This book is hilarious, sad, meaningful and overall great. I strongly recommend it and all his other books especially Looking for Alaska.5/5

P.S.: apparently like podcast do show up but only in google reader so if anyone wants to check that out please do hopefully I can get an episode in this week.

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Need Help

Ive been thinking of redoing my banner although I like the one I have I wanted something that would be more connected to book so if you guys could give me some critiques on some drawings would be a lot of help(i cannot draw so bear with me). The finished product will have color and the detail will be better.Its one whole picture.

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Contest end

so my why we love books contest has come to an end. I have to say this was a great contest I got some really honest answers and everybodys answer(click to read) was fantastic. I was originally going to post the winners answer but that wouldnt be fair because everybodys was great so click on the answer link or this ONE to read what my awesome followers had to say. So it came down to three choices for the grand prize and to be fair I used*drumroll*

I also used random .org to choose the other winners.*drumroll*
and because i reached fifty foollowers I threw in another winner
Miss attitude
I will email you with some choices first com first serve.
Thank you all for entering and check back for another contest around december.

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Reminders and coming soon

So in case you havent signed up my Why we love contest is ending tommorrow click on likn above. Come on you get a book of your choice and its pretty easy to enter. In other news i have received several awards and i dont mean to be ungrateful because i apreciate them i just havent had time to post them. With break coming I will be sure to do that and put up some other things I have planned for december.
Book Weirdo

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Mega,huge, Colossal. gigantic contest

Hmm not sure i used enough adjectives that all mean big. The point is that the lateiner gang book reviewspot is having a giant contest to celebrate a page makeover.They are giving away an apple giftcard enough for a new ipod touch and so many other cool prize packs.Go and enter and say book weirdo sent you.Click here.

Test plog post

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So i'm pretty sure that if you love everything harry potter you have been to Havent been there lately but i just went and I saw the coolest thing ever (if you are an HP geek which i am) a new app for iphone/ipod touch. You get to become a wizard and i know there are HP video games but who has time to play those. Anyways it sounds pretty cool its set to be realeased on 11/16 here's the link. so go check it out sounds good and I am really excited. In other wizarding world news anybody planning on going to the theme park that opens next year?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

completely irrelevant to books

So ive been freaked out since school started. I'm scared that i won't get into the school I want or any school for that matter. Applications are due this month my to be readpile is getting bigger and calculus is kicking my ass.*breathes into a paper bag*Im not even completely sure what i want to do when I graduate from college.*screams into a pillow*I mean i'm sure am not the only who is feeling or has felt this way but it does feel that way. Thats it just kinda needed to vent/rant.haha feels good.
Actually i do have something to say about books I have a copy of dark visions by L.J. Smith that is brand new would someone like to trade I just can't think about getting through that book it just looks so big even though the print is also big.If not maybe i will add it to the contest possibly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Author becca fitzpatrick
Publisher:Simon and shuster
Synopsis(from B&N): For Nora Grey, romance was not part of the plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how much her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her. Not until Patch came along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Nora is drawn to him against her better judgment. But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure who to trust. Patch seems to be everywhere she is, and to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is way more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel. For Nora is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen - and, when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost her life.
Opinion/Review: I heard a lot about this book before it even came out . I mean I couldnt wait to get my hands on a copy. I have to say it was pretty good but it did leave something to be desired after all the hype there was I expected a lot more. Don't get me wrong it was still a great book a great paget turner but throughout the book i was feeling like something was missing and I hate to say this but it reminded me of some other books although fallen angels have just emerged as something popular. so I can't give it a 5/5 but I do give it about a 3.5/5. I still recommend it and will read the sequel.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Luna by Julie Anne Peters

Title: Luna

Author: Julie Anne Peters

Publisher: Little Brown

Pages: 248

Regan's brother Liam can't stand the person he is during the day. Like the moon from whom Liam has chosen his female namesake, his true self, Luna, only reveals herself at night. In the secrecy of his basement bedroom Liam transforms himself into the beautiful girl he longs to be, with help from his sister's clothes and makeup. Now, everything is about to change-Luna is preparing to emerge from her cocoon. But are Liam's family and friends ready to welcome Luna into their lives? Compelling and provocative, this is an unforgettable novel about a transgender teen's struggle for self-identity and acceptance.

Opinion: I have to say that this is one of the most intense books I have read in a while but intense in the best possible way ever. I completely fell in love with all the characters I sympathized with regan and felt Liam’s pain. Don’t let the synopsis scare you away this book is for everybody not just the LGBT community I know that because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to relate but I did. I think this book goes beyond being confused in sexual orientation it is for anybody who has ever felt like they couldn’t be themselves because they wouldn’t be accepted or they would be discriminated. I was literally crying from beginning to end I swear this is one of those few books that just changes your views and outlook on life. Just keep an open mind while reading this book. I give it a 5/5.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hispanic heritage month

Okay so I realize that this is more than a couple days late but I really wanted to post something for HHM. So since I am Hispanic I thought I would find a way to tie the culture with books. So the successful YA author Diana Wallach agreed to let me ask her some questions. In case you guys don’t know who she is she wrote the Amor and Summer Secrets Series. So here goes the interview:

1. Are you Hispanic? If so do your own experiences come out in your books?

I am. I’m half Puerto Rican and half Polish—not a very common mix (unless you watch West Side Story). And I decided to give my multicultural background to my main character, Mariana. So there are a lot of experiences in my books that are derived from my own.

For example in Amor and Summer Secrets, the town in Puerto Rico where Mariana spends the summer, Utuado, is the same town where my dad grew up. And I gave Mariana’s father, Lorenzo, some biographical tidbits from my dad’s life, including a few of his childhood anecdotes.

But mostly, I wanted to show a little of what it’s like to grow up not fitting the Latina stereotype. I’ve got reddish hair and freckles, and I didn’t learn Spanish in the home. So I decided to give some of those traits to Mariana. In the Amor series, Mariana doesn’t identify with either of her parents’ cultures and I feel this is a very common experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re half Polish and half Puerto Rican, or half Thai and half Jamaican, I think a lot teens can relate being torn between two very different ethnic groups.

2. What inspired you to write this series?
The first book in the series, Amor and Summer Secrets, was initially inspired by a conversation with my agent, Jenoyne Adams. She had mentioned seeing a recent increase in interest from editors seeking multicultural novels, and she asked the infamous question, “Got any ideas?” I didn’t. But by the end of our conversation, I had pitched the story for what became Amor and Summer Secrets.

Part of the inspiration was derived from my first trip to Puerto Rico after I graduated from college. I met my relatives in Utuado for the first time, and I got to see where my dad grew up. I wanted to share some of those experiences with my readers.

3. The titles are Spanish and English, is there a story behind it?
My late editor, Kate Duffy, actually came up with the title of the first book. And the concept stuck. The idea was to highlight Mariana’s multicultural background by taking a Spanish word that’s become “Americanized” and adding it to our title. Let’s face it, “Spanglish” is a very common language in our country. And I think it gives readers a glimmer of what’s inside the book, while not intimating readers who are not of Hispanic descent.

4. Last and definitely most important what is your favorite food (tamales, sopes, posole, menudo tacos, etc...)?
Well, if you mean Latin food, I didn’t grow up with too much exposure. My mom’s Polish, so I had more kielbasa and pierogies than tamales and sopes. However, my grandmom (my dad’s mom) used to make Spanish rice with chicken and sweet plantains (which I love). I also make a mean paella—I spent a semester abroad in Spain.
Thanks Mrs. Wallach I really appreciate you taking time to answer some questions.
If you want some more info check out:
And if this sounds like a series you might want to read check out my why we love books contest and you can choose this book if you win.
P.S. I got the pic from her site thats why it came with the text

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Post about Plog post

So as you may or may not know I have a podcast thing and I would really appreciate any and all the feedback I can get. So you can actually listen one of two ways:
1)Itunes: search Plog under podcasts and look for my name book weirdo or
2) this link(i think most recently upd.)
Oh and towards the end I don't mean to sound ungrateful I appreciate all of my followers(youre the best) and hope to get some more

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Gotta love em...

Oh my god huge contest over at princess bookie.
Go enter now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Author interview: Fabian johnson

Hey everybody want the scoop on a new author and his new book? Well I got the privilege of asking new Author Fabian Johnson some questions.

Name: Fabian Johnson

Book Title: A Hero's Legacy, Shattered Friendship

Release date: Not solid on that one yet but available for pre-order before the end of this month.

Synopsis: I always get wrapped up in this but here goes. Michael is the son of one of the greatest dragon riders ever. Fearing that he would suffer the same fate as his father and have to sacrifice his life for the greater good his mother hid him away in a small rural town on the outskirts of the kingdom. After his dragon Bahamut appeared in his life it became obvious to his mother that no matter how much she tried she cannot hide him from his destiny. Now he has returned to take his place alongside the other young riders (fatherless youths like himself) to train under CPT. Daniels (the only survivor from the previous generation) in order to stop the Necromancer from finishing what he started a decade ago. Michael makes friends with the handful of riders rather quickly but one (Maxwell) resents him for unknown reasons. Maxwell being the son of the rider who turned his back on the fold and slayed all the others is a very talented warrior that promises to be the next great dragon rider, but even though Michael can't match his skill he has raw talent of his own. With the childish Frank and his big brother David and also the smart Alec Gregory and the quiet Mark. These young boys are really all that stands between the necromancer reviving his wyvern and finishing what he started and Maxwell's father Victor, from being the last dragon rider alive.

What inspired you to become and author? Is writing your main job? What inspired me to become an author is simply my desire to read a good book. I know that there are plenty of good authors out there; there are even more bad ones. Lately most of the books that I've been reading seem like cliché ridden attempts to make a quick buck off the reader. I could pretty much tell the whole story without having to read and often read just to prove myself right. I hoped that someone would write something that felt fresh, then I thought "why can't I?" So I started to make up my own story with my own characters and pretty much enjoyed the show while remembering what I saw in my imagination. And no, writing is not my main profession. It really started as a hobby. I am a full time soldier in the U.S. Army. Infantry at that. Though I have a little over a year left and plan on going to college and eventually med-school.

Why dragon riders? Dragon riders because they are my favorite mythical characters. Like how everyone has their favorite race. Until now dragon riders have been humans with special abilities, but in my story they are in fact they're own people. Also, I feel that the few books that I have read on dragon riders did not do them any justice. I never once got the feeling that these were people capable of epic feats. I planned on showing the world that dragon riders are more than farm boys atop a fire breathing lizard.

What do you have to say to people who may judge your book before they even read it? To them I say you're wrong. Trust me you have no idea what will happen in this story. I know this because in truth, most things I wrote, I wrote after seeing it happen for the first time myself. My characters really have a life of their own and this isn't your typical good VS evil story either. To sum it all up I would say this is just the story of a group of friends with extraordinary skills trying to survive against a seemingly unstoppable threat. It's just their life. No good, no evil, just differences in perspective to what's right and wrong. (Even the villain has good reasons for being how he is)

What advice do you have for aspiring writers? My advice to any new writers out there is to read when you can and write write write. Writing should never be a burden, if it is then there is something wrong. Sure there will be times when the ideas just aren't coming but for the most part it should be fun. You should enjoy getting lot in the world you created and seeing your characters grow. Just keep writing and don't worry about spelling and grammar too much. Eventually you'll get better and there will always be editors

Thank you for the interview Mr.Johnson! Sounds like a great book so be on the lookout for this Book in the near future.

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Awesome contest

Wow princess bookie is having a great contest over at her blog.
Im sure everyone will be glad she wants to clean out her bookshelves. so go check that out to win a boxfull of books.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Contest over

My first contest is officially over and you guys probably want to know who won. So the winner is......drumroll please *Leslie from* i sent you an email please respond within the next 48 hours or i will pick another winner. We have some other winners *latewriter from* and *Paradox from* you get to pick from royally jacked or meri stikes back Please reply wthin the next 48 hours. Thank to everybody for entering i wish i could give books to all of you but im working with a limited budget.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Im portable

UPDATE: New blog title(kinda didn't go with my url or name so Life and books is now YA Book geek)
REMINDER:boy toy contest ends sept. 25
Haha that title sounds weird but whatever. The point is i started a podcast that focuses on YA books so now you can actually listen to me blabber on. I thought it was cool because i can listen to myself on my ipod if i so choose. Anyways if anybody is interested you can check it out with the link below. Also im trying to get it on itunes which makes it more accesible in my opinion. So contact me if you want a shout out in my Plog(podcast blog=)). please give me some feedback or ideas i can use when i start doing full length episodes Please and Thank you.
search Plog on itunes podcast and look for book weirdo

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Easy monday(1)

alright so i had promised that i would start this last week but i got sidetracked but this week i will keep to my schedule.

Title: Thrill Ride
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Publisher: Avon books
Pages: 297
Synopsis (B&N): One-day admission: $15
Summer job:
Living on my own (plus roommates)
Rides are free (but avoid the roller coasters—too scary!)
Super-hot coworker . . .
Periodic homesickness
Dressing like Gretel for job in fairyland gift shop
Super-hot coworker . . . and boyfriend back home. Too thrilling!

Opinion: well who doesn’t love a romantic comedy right? Nice easy read with *blush* some *ahem*nice um… you get my point nothing too heavy. Anyways so I love Rachel Hawthorne’s books she has a great way of writing them. In this book you get the girl gets hot guy after some drama. Even though these books basically are about just getting the guy I feel like we get some substance too nice background story with well developed characters. Romantic comedy rating 5/5.
SAT/ACT tip: study your math I guarantee that will be in my opinion the most difficult part.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spanking shakespeare

UPDATE: Boy toy contest ends tomorrow. Check out my plog on itunes search plog in podcast and look for book weirdo.

Title: Spanking Shakespeare

Author: Jake Wizner

Publisher: Random House

Pages: 287

Synopsis:(B&N)SHAKESPEARE SHAPIRO HAS ALWAYS hated his name. His parents bestowed it on him as some kind of sick joke when he was born, and his life has gone downhill from there, one embarrassing incident after another. Entering his senior year of high school, Shakespeare has never had a girlfriend, his younger brother is cooler than he is, and his best friend's favorite topic of conversation is his bowel movements.But Shakespeare will have the last laugh. He is chronicling every mortifying detail in his memoir, the writing project each senior at Shakespeare's high school must complete. And he is doing it brilliantly. And, just maybe, a prize-winning memoir will bring him respect, admiration, and a girlfriend . . . or at least a prom date.

My opinion: Wow this book had me laughing from begginning to end. I mean who would name their kid shakespeare? Anyways for me atleast this book made me feel like i was in the characters mind. We see some entries of shakespeares "memoir." some scenes will have you thinking did that seriously just happen. If you thought the real shakespeare could write wait to you read what this Shakespeare writes.We always want to see the underdog come out on top this is no different.5/5


Playing in traffic

Title: playing in traffic
Author: Gail Giles
Publisher: Simon pulse
Pages: 176
So a new way of reviewing borrowed from other bloggers. The synopsis will all be from B&N and I will then put on my review of the book at the end.
Skye Colby? She's the multi-pierced, multi-tattooed girl hanging around the cybercafés; always out at odd hours in marginal places. The jocks call her "slut puppy," the bland blondes in the plaid miniskirts wrinkle their noses at her, the teachers think she's brilliant, and the counselors call her unstable.
She's all of those things. So why has she singled out Matt Lathrop, an almost invisible nobody, for special attention? Clearly her agenda is dangerous, and clearly Matt should walk away. But how? Skye means mystery; she trails drama in her Goth wake. Skye signals an end to his dreary existence — but at what price?

My opinion:
I thought the book was overall pretty good. It lacked some deepness but then again it was only 176 pages. Maybe it was just me but at first I was like who is the narrator the name on every chapter made me think it was going to be told in more the one viewpoint but I finally got it. I’ve read one of this author’s previous books and she is a really good storyteller. Gives a different meaning to Goth. Overall 3/5
ACT/SAT tip of the day: Get to the test site early, eat breakfast and don't forget your snack. Only for SAT don't forget your TI 89(like i ever leave home without it just kidding i don't think im that much of a dork and um for those who are like what are you talking about the TI 89 is like only the best calculator ever duh!)hehe i have the TI 89 titanium it makes me feel smarter.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Sorry I am probably the worst blogger ever because I have all these plans to post things and I never do but do not fear this week will be different. So I have some book reviews to post up between today and tomorrow I think three in total. Some updates if you haven’t seen my contest ends on the 25 of this month so spread the word (please with a cherry on top!). So I don’t know if I have any followers who are seniors(yes, no, maybe so) the point is I am studying for the ACT and SAT you guys probably already took them but if not I will share some of the tips I get from my studying at the end of every post if anyone is interested. So that’s it for now.

Oh I read this On PI pretty cool.

Monday, September 7, 2009


OK i don't know if i was specific or not but you must leave a comment to officially be entered in the contest even if you are a follower already or became one.Thanks.

Oh and I found this book and it was really cheap so I couldn't pass it up even if it is a sequel but here's a summary from B&N(if i get some more entries i will also throw a couple of copies of this into the contest):Meri is back with a vengeance!
When we last left our tale of deceit, blackmail, and really great shoes, our heroine Cindy Bixby had gotten rid of Meri Sugarman, the diabolical sorority president of Alpha Beta Delta.
Now Cindy, along with her sorority sisters and friends at Rumson U., including her über-hottie boyfriend, Keith (yum!), is working hard to rebuild the sorority . . . but then along comes Meri.
She's back. Sure, she's not allowed anywhere near Rumson U., but do you really think that will stop her? (Get real!) Meri's still got a few tricks up those Dolce & Gabbana sleeves, and she's determined to destroy Alpha Beta Delta once and for all -- and exact her cruelest revenge on Cindy!
But Cindy is nobody's fool anymore. She's ready to do whatever it takes to beat Meri!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Boy toy contest!

UPDATE:Contest ends september 25 so leave your entry comment it's not too late yet.
Remember you must leave a comment to be entered.

So i am going to be giving away a signed copy yes you read right SIGNED copy of Barry Lyga's boy toy.Synopsis from authors website:
Five years ago Josh’s life changed. Drastically. And everyone in his school, his town—seems like the world—thinks they understand.
But they don’t—they can’t.
And now, about to graduate from high school, Josh is still trying to sort through the pieces. First there’s Rachel, the girl he thought he’d lost years ago. She’s back, and she’s determined to be part of his life, whether he wants her there or not.
Then there are college decisions to make, and the toughest baseball game of his life coming up, and a coach who won't stop pushing Josh all the way to the brink.
And then there’s Eve. Her return brings with it all the memories of Josh’s past. It’s time for Josh to face the truth about what happened.

If only he knew what the truth was . . .

sounds good right? So this is intended for mature teenagers preferably 16 and older but who listens to those things, but i am warning you that it contains some adult content.

contest only open to U.S.
Rules: you must be or become a follower to enter

+2 for being an old follower
+1 for becoming a follower
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okay i will also select a couple of people randomly to win a paperback copy of royally jacked

im so bored!

okay so i am just counting down till i post my contest at midnight but i would like to share something i found funny and cool. I guess Darth Vader gets his ideas from Voldermort. Before you start thinking I'm an idiot i know star wars came out before HP. I am very proud to say i have seen all the star wars movies and loved them i even bought a light saber after riding the star tours ride at Disneyland. I have to say i am a fan of the dark side.*Jedi mind trick*you will follow my blog*does hand thing*. Anyways yeah so i am bored as you can see by me writing this post. Oh i almost forgot i found this pic at

Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh yeah!

So like i said in my previous post I have A SIGNED Barry lyga book to give away. I got the book from Mr. Lyga through his books for blogs check it out at Okay so i don't really get things in the mail but surprise surprise i got a book so that was very cool and i got some postcards also pretty cool.So.........yeah become a follower to get the update on the contest hopefully i get a nice amount of entries.

Blood promise

okay so this a review for blood promise written by richelle mead.

I finished this book last week but i havent had a lot of time to make posts lately. So in the fourth book of the vampire academy series Rose goes off in search of the love of her life Dimitri but she must kill him. This book didn't disappoint it takes a lot of unexpected turns and twists. For fans of the series definitely check it out. First time readers buy the first book and you will see why this series is so good. I mean in a genre that's so filled with vampire stories this is completely different.5/5
keep scrolling!
contest alert! okay starting saturday i will put up my first ever contest.just keep shecking back for your chance to win a signed copy of Barry Lyga's boy toy and other goodies

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So I had some ideas for themed days i don't know if its the lack of sleep or what but i think these sound pretty good. Easy Monday's where i will post up reviews to some romantic comedies. The reason for calling it easy Monday is because romantic comedies are nice, funny, and easy to read books on a Monday when everybody is tired and wishing we didn't have to go back to school/work or whatever. weirdo Wednesday's a day to review sci-fi, paranormal or anything out of this world. Now the only question is if i will be able to keep up with these themed days hopefully i will and i will start on the September 7 till then i will post what i have read and whine about my life =). Oh and i am almost done with Blood Promise.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Alright people i need to get some more followers! so i say that if i can at least double my following i will put up a contest this week or next. Not sure what the grand prize will be but a couple of people will get chosen at random to get some free books as well so please refer people and lets get this blog thing going.

Dead Girls Don't Write Letters

Okay so have I finished reading Dead Girls don't Write Letters by Gail Giles. Apparently the book is a sequel to Shattering Glass which i did not find out till i had started reading. surprinsingly though i was not confused at all, it could be a stand alone book and i would completely get the story. so now I have to read Shattering Glass but i can' t till i fininsh blood promise. Okay back to DGDWL it was a really good book i kind of identified with sunny, sometimes we can get overshadowed by our older siblings accomplishments, although not to the extreme where i would hate my sibling like sunny. She is just fourteen years old and feels like she doesnt belong not even with her own family it was bad enough when her older sister was around and her parents were just falling all over themselves to give her what she wanted but now with jazz dead then not dead things can't get worse. Right? wrong they can because this back from the dead jazz is not jazz. i give it a 4/5.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Okay so i just realized that some people who come on here have no idea what my pages blogs are about so i have been trying to write a book on and off for the last two years and i finally have some stuff that i haven't ripped, erased or destroyed. So that's what those blog posts are about. I don't even know what i want to do with my writing but i do want to share it with anybody who will read it.

Basically the story is about a teenage girl who lost her best friend to a drunk driving accident but that friend was the drunk driver. Now Elizabeth lives with the guilt of her best friends death in an effort to forget she leaves all her problems when she moves to a new city but soon learns that you cant really escape your past.

told in alternating points of view with Sam who became an orphan at the age of two, no that's not true but it might as well be with the attention his dad gives him ever since his mom left them, life changed, at first it was nothing but soon it became his dad drowning his sorrows with alcohol and Sam just doing everything to not care just plain acting out till he went too far.

okay so thats it in a nutshell. please comment on this just to let me know if it sucks or i should keep going. Thanks.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Greetings people of earth

Okay so I have been very out of touch with everything especially my world of books but starting today I'm going to change that. I haven't read anything lately due to school starting up and well ITS THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! What kind of monsters are these school people to make us be at school so early. Don't get me wrong i love Pi's(not the eating kind) and history but it would be so much better to learn at a more reasonable hour. But alas i am going way off the point of this blog entry and that point is that starting this weekend I will start reviewing books, I got two new ones today so watch for those to be here tommorow...and that's about it. Please comment or whatever so that i know im not talking?writing? to myself.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

pages part 2

When we arrived at school my mom asked.
“Do you want me to go in with you and help you get settled?” she asked hopefully.
“No mom I’m fine I will see you afterschool.” I said quicklyMy mom was very protective after these last couple of weeks since I was released from the hospital. Our relationship wasn’t the same either but that is how I liked it I didn’t want her attention anymore I didn’t deserve it. So I took a deep breath and readied myself to enter the devils lair

so come on if anybody reads this please comment here, message me on PI or on B&N


Well I didn’t get to post my review or anything yesterday but do not fear I will today.
Alrighty, then! So I recently bought Spin Control and Do-Over by Niki Burnham. They are both sequels to the book royally jacked. And are romantic comedies (I need a light read sometimes) anyways they aren’t really deep books but they are an easy and funny read. So for those who haven’t read the first book this here is small description of the book form the back flap

Valerie's life is pretty good. While she's not the most popular girl in school, she does have decent grades, great friends, and a potential boyfriend. All a girl could want.
Then her mother announces that (1) she's gay, and (2) she's leaving Valerie's dad for her girlfriend. Not what Valerie envisioned for her future. And just when Valerie is getting over this bombshell, her father tells her he's gotten a new job as protocol chief for the royal family of some obscure European country.
Valerie's world has come unglued. She can either stay in Virginia with her mom and her über-organized, veggie-burger-eating girlfriend, or go with her dad, leaving everything she knows for some place she's never heard of. Valerie opts to go, and quickly discovers that it was a mistake — until she meets the prince, and all bets are off!

If you liked the first one might as well read the next two if not I give them a 3 out of 5.

Friday, August 14, 2009

books and more books

well i have found some great contests:
1. ARC of Shiver
2. ARC of How to Say Good-bye in Robot
3. ARC of As You Wish
4. ARC of Give Up the Ghost
5. ARC of Lipstick Apology
6. ARC of Devoured
7. ARC of The Sweetheart of Prosper County
8. Hardcover copy of Eyes Like Stars
9. Hardcover copy of Hannah (Daughters of the Sea)
to win these books go to
and remember to say who referred you

and if thats not enough check this out
The Winner Will Get All These Books.
1. Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick ARC
2. Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen ARC
3. Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters ARC
4. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater ARC
5. Troy High by Shana Norris ARC
6. Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott ARC
7. Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn ARC
8. Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker
9. Death by Series by Linda Gerber (3 books total)
10. a 5 dollar giftcard from Walmart (you can buy yourself half of a book with it, lol)
11. 3 Sarah Dessen books ( Just Listen, This Lullaby, Someone Like You)
12. Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
13. Fire By Kristin Cashmore ARC
14. Last but not least, I have some extra amazon cards, so I will also include a preorder for CATCHING FIRE BY SUZANNE COLLINS. It will be shipped to on or around Sept 1st (whenever they ship it)
AND a book of your choice (under $15.00 please and it can be a preorder as long as it comes out in September-so many good books get released)


Well its been a crazy week. last minute homework to be done and just basically getting ready for school which starts on Monday. I will put up two new posts hopefully tonight the first on the three books i just finished and the next on a second part of my writing.

Monday, August 10, 2009


First day of junior year, my parents were waiting downstairs to take me to hell A.K.A. high school. I looked out the window before heading out, to see whether or not i needed a sweater and the answer was yes. Here in the middle of nowhere USA the weather was like a pregnant woman her moods constantly changing. One day it could be so hot i needed shorts the next so cold I needed thermals to keep me warm. Right now it looked like this lady was about to cry so I grabbed a jacket and went to the car.
My parents were staring.
"what?" i snapped
They just turned around and drove.I couldnt blame them for not being used to my new wardrobe it was a drastic change from what I used to wear at my old high school, but that seemed like a whole other world from the one i was in now. My clothes consisted of black...and more black but just my clothes no makeup or cosmetics i don't believe in looking better by torturing animals plus not covering up my face was the least i deserved for what had happened last spring.

okay thats it for now please comment even if you dont like it. THANKS


Okay so aside from trying to review books i will also be posting chapters to a story i have been trying to write.It is currently untitled.

Hard Love

so I've recently read this very good book called Hard love. It's about a teenage boy who is basically a loner except for his one friend. He writes free magazines and loves one in particular. he decides to try and find the author and when he does a friendship grows but for him its more than that even though she is gay and has told him so many times. This is a great book for anybody who has gone through a liking my best friend phase, or just want to read about friendship and when that line blurs, and of course unrequited love.
I definitely recommend this book.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


well i bought a new bookcase to accommodate all my books but i built it wrong. it will hold the books but it looks all wrong.why are instructions so confusing aren't they supposed to make are lives easier.well whatever all of my books still didn't fit. in other news my first book review will be on Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

to blog or not to blog?

So the answer is yes i will blog. Basically i read a lot of books so why not share my opinions with the world right?of course I'm right. So every time i finish a new book i will write a short review and advice people on whether its good enough to go out and get.