Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The astonishing adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl by Barry lyga

Author: Barry Lyga



synopsis (from B&N): For most of his life, Donnie's followed his mother's advice, given when he was first picked on by bullies in grade school: ignore them. He lives mostly under the radar, both at school and at home, sailing through classes and working on his graphic novel, Schemata. His life sucks, but at least he knows what to expect. The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl relates what happens when someone notices him — really notices him — for the first time.
Mysterious Goth girl Kyra, dressed in black and with an attitude just as dark, forces her way into his life, renaming him Fanboy. A loner in her own right, Kyra challenges Fanboy's perceptions of his possibilities. When Fanboy's longtime friend Cal starts hanging out with the jocks that have always made Fanboy's life a living hell, Kyra steps in to fill the void. She convinces him that greatness lies within reach, if only he can convince comic book guru Bendis to take a look at his graphic novel . . .
Author Barry Lyga, a comic book fan in his own right, writes intimately and respectfully about how the world sees and is seen by marginalized, creative, and conflicted teens whose only difference from those around them is that they read and write about superheroes.

Opinion/review: I know that I always give the books I read 5/5 but they deserve it and this book also deserves it. Mr. Lyga has a way of writing that engages the reader. Maybe it’s just me but I can relate to the comic geek and Goth chick more than the popular kids. The characters seem real they have their flaws and can sometimes makes us wonder why someone would like them but in my opinion is what is great about the book. It’s a new type of story and I definitely recommend this book.5/5

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  1. This one sounds pretty fun too! (and that little goth girl is totally awesome)


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