Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Mission by Jason Myers

Title:The Mission
Author: Jason Myers
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Synopsis(from b&n):
Wake up and do something!
Kaden Norris's life is shattered when his older brother — his best friend and hero — is killed in Iraq. All Kaden has left of Kenny is a letter, urging him to break away from his sheltered life and to go to San Francisco to visit his cousin, James.
Kaden is blown away, as James introduces him to a life filled with drugs, sex, and apathy. He goes from extreme high to extreme low, having no idea what to expect. And when Kaden uncovers secrets about his family that have been kept from him for years, his entire world comes crashing down. This may not be the trip his brother had envisioned for him, but it's one Kaden will never forget.

Opinion/review: Just one word, wow. I mean this book was on my to be read pile but after reading Exit Here last year curiosity got the better of me. I’m definitely not disappointed that I moved this book to the top of my list. Before you continue I have to say this book is not for anyone under 14…maybe 15. This is a really messed up book I mean just the things that the characters do to each other will have you thinking like what the hell is this. The drug use, explicit language and sexual content will  blow you away. It has a political message in there but I will not even touch that subject. I have never experienced any of the things that Kaden goes through during his crazy week in San Francisco and hopefully none of you have either but this book is real, human nature at its worst. This book is like nothing I have ever read but I cannot wait for more from this author. Personally I liked the book a lot and I recommend it along with his first book Exit Here but I will refrain from giving it a rating. This up to you guys I know not everybody will be able to get through it and some will dislike the graphic scenes but again give it a chance. In just one word it is real.


  1. Wow, this sounds...intense. But it sounds pretty interesting too...thanks for the review!

  2. i loved this book(:

    exit here was my favorite, but i have to say the mission comes right up behind exit here as my 2nd favorite!(:

    amazing writer(:

  3. I am 14, and I guess it does not depend on age but maturity. Out of the many books I have read this is my favorite. Not only does it have a lot of meaning but it captures the reader.


  4. I bought this book wondering because it sounded somewhat powerful and once I read it I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!! It had a lot of super crazy things going on it and it had sooo much detail but then the overall message was so personable! I feel like Kaden was just some guy I know (I'm also from small town Iowa and it's just like he describes). Awesome book, perfectly written. Loved it!


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