Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Rush by Jonathan Friesen

Title: Rush
Author: Jonathan Friesen
Pages: 296
Pub. Date: June 2010
Synopsis (from B&N): Equal parts romance and heart-pounding action, this novel will leave you absolutely breathless. Join teen Jake King, an adrenaline junkie turned hotshot firefighter, as he struggles with the one risk he cannot take: losing his best friend and secret love, the beautiful Salome Lee. But to Jake, firefighting is like breathing pure adrenaline. And if he doesn't stop soon, they could all get burned

Opinion/Review: I have to be completely honest and say that when I picked this book up it was because I liked the author’s previous book (jerk California). The whole fire idea was a little iffy for me but I’m glad that I bought this book. The main character Jake is misunderstood by everyone except his best friend Salome. They don’t understand the need for the brain clearing adrenaline. He has to do his crazy stunts to feel like everybody does but one stunt leads to a series of life changes that could be disastrous for Jake, Salome and the town of Brockton, California. Let me start out by saying that this fictional town revolves around the firefighters who come during the wildfire season. Even Jake’s brother is part of these crews until his friend becomes an immortal (a secret firefighter club). The whole town turns on the king family, investigations are digging into mysterious deaths and Jake is a blind idiot. I definitely recommend this book but have to give it a 4 out of 5 just because it took Jake too long to see what was right under his nose.


  1. I have to agree with you, I loved Jerk, California. I read Rush because of it. I loved Rush. I think Jonathan Friesen had a perfect balance of romance and action in this book. Although I seriously was going to slap Jake for not appreciating what he had, I loved the book very much. There's one thing I didn't like though. I really hated jake's family. His dad was unsupportive, his brother was a bacstabber, and I can't get over that. But I guess nothing in life is perfect. I was satisfied with the ending though :)

  2. I hardly read books but im glad i read Rush. I was wanting to punch Scottie for being with Salome. It was a great book

  3. I met Jonathan one time. He makes trips to schools all around minnesota and he told ours about a life story of his. In which all his stories of his life have a great resemblance to his books.


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