Monday, August 10, 2009


First day of junior year, my parents were waiting downstairs to take me to hell A.K.A. high school. I looked out the window before heading out, to see whether or not i needed a sweater and the answer was yes. Here in the middle of nowhere USA the weather was like a pregnant woman her moods constantly changing. One day it could be so hot i needed shorts the next so cold I needed thermals to keep me warm. Right now it looked like this lady was about to cry so I grabbed a jacket and went to the car.
My parents were staring.
"what?" i snapped
They just turned around and drove.I couldnt blame them for not being used to my new wardrobe it was a drastic change from what I used to wear at my old high school, but that seemed like a whole other world from the one i was in now. My clothes consisted of black...and more black but just my clothes no makeup or cosmetics i don't believe in looking better by torturing animals plus not covering up my face was the least i deserved for what had happened last spring.

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