Saturday, August 22, 2009


Okay so i just realized that some people who come on here have no idea what my pages blogs are about so i have been trying to write a book on and off for the last two years and i finally have some stuff that i haven't ripped, erased or destroyed. So that's what those blog posts are about. I don't even know what i want to do with my writing but i do want to share it with anybody who will read it.

Basically the story is about a teenage girl who lost her best friend to a drunk driving accident but that friend was the drunk driver. Now Elizabeth lives with the guilt of her best friends death in an effort to forget she leaves all her problems when she moves to a new city but soon learns that you cant really escape your past.

told in alternating points of view with Sam who became an orphan at the age of two, no that's not true but it might as well be with the attention his dad gives him ever since his mom left them, life changed, at first it was nothing but soon it became his dad drowning his sorrows with alcohol and Sam just doing everything to not care just plain acting out till he went too far.

okay so thats it in a nutshell. please comment on this just to let me know if it sucks or i should keep going. Thanks.

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