Saturday, November 7, 2009

completely irrelevant to books

So ive been freaked out since school started. I'm scared that i won't get into the school I want or any school for that matter. Applications are due this month my to be readpile is getting bigger and calculus is kicking my ass.*breathes into a paper bag*Im not even completely sure what i want to do when I graduate from college.*screams into a pillow*I mean i'm sure am not the only who is feeling or has felt this way but it does feel that way. Thats it just kinda needed to vent/rant.haha feels good.
Actually i do have something to say about books I have a copy of dark visions by L.J. Smith that is brand new would someone like to trade I just can't think about getting through that book it just looks so big even though the print is also big.If not maybe i will add it to the contest possibly.


  1. hey, it's ok if u don't know. hardly anyone I know knows what they want to do, and almost every adult i've spoken to in the past several months didn't know (or still doesn't!) what they want to do. it's ok. life doesn't work simply. almost everyone gets a job for a while and then goes and does something else. you probably won't keep a job for the rest of your life. you don't have to hit it perfect the first try ;)

  2. Thanks sometimes it's good to get someone elses point of view. I will try to not freak out.*keeps paper bag(justincase)*

  3. She's right ya' know. You really don't even have to pick a major right away. My advice would be to enjoy the experience of being in college. Also, If you're taking calculous, then you are DEFINETLy smart enough to get accepted into more schools than you may think. I plan on pursuing a med. degree by the end of next year and part of that involves a lot of calculous. You'll be fine. I may need that paper bag after you though.

  4. hey thanks for the vote of confidence i guess i just have to wait and see how things go.Oh and good luck i will mail that bag asap.


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