Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jerk, California by Jonathan friesen

Title: Jerk California
Author: Jonathan Friesen
Publisher: Speak(penguin)
Pages: 327
Twitch, Jerk, Freak—Sam Carrier has been called them all. Because of his Tourette's syndrome, Sam is in near constant motion with tics and twitches and verbal outbursts. So, of course, high school is nothing but torment. Forget friends; forget even hoping that beautiful, perfect Naomi will look his way. And home isn't much better with his domineering stepfather reminding him that the only person who was more useless than Sam was his dead father, Jack. But then an unexpected turn of events unearths the truth about his father. And suddenly Sam doesn't know who he is, or even where he'll go next. What he does know is that the only girl in the world who can make him happy and nervous at the same time is everywhere he turns . . . and he'd give anything just to be still.
Opinion/review:I have actually reread this book many times since last year and now i can share what I thought. I really enjoyed this book. It's the type of book that gets stuck in your head(not literally). It's also very refreshing to read something different, that you can relate to and feels real. Sam struggles to be "normal" he lives with a hatred and feeling that his disease is a curse. Under all that is the thought that his father didnt want him and was some type of loser. His stepdad disowned him when he got Tourette's and his mom cowers and doesnt help sam. Then comes Naomi, beautiful and mysterious Naomi who has her own secrets. Then crazy coot who Sam doesnt understand but because of him learns something that changes his life and even his name. Sam's journey to self discovery is literally a journey somehow he and Naomi get thrown together on a road to trip that will lead them to Jerk, California and some answers. The one thing though that everybody must keep in mind is that all the characters have some flaws that will annoy you but thats what makes them seem so real.5/5 you must go buy this now!
P.S. there is also a song that was inspired by the book listen it here.


  1. I've never heard of this, but your review really makes me want to read it! I'm definitely putting this on my TBR list. Thanks for the review!

  2. this book is really good but i lost the book so i couldn"t finish it


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