Monday, September 14, 2009

Easy monday(1)

alright so i had promised that i would start this last week but i got sidetracked but this week i will keep to my schedule.

Title: Thrill Ride
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Publisher: Avon books
Pages: 297
Synopsis (B&N): One-day admission: $15
Summer job:
Living on my own (plus roommates)
Rides are free (but avoid the roller coasters—too scary!)
Super-hot coworker . . .
Periodic homesickness
Dressing like Gretel for job in fairyland gift shop
Super-hot coworker . . . and boyfriend back home. Too thrilling!

Opinion: well who doesn’t love a romantic comedy right? Nice easy read with *blush* some *ahem*nice um… you get my point nothing too heavy. Anyways so I love Rachel Hawthorne’s books she has a great way of writing them. In this book you get the girl gets hot guy after some drama. Even though these books basically are about just getting the guy I feel like we get some substance too nice background story with well developed characters. Romantic comedy rating 5/5.
SAT/ACT tip: study your math I guarantee that will be in my opinion the most difficult part.

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