Friday, September 11, 2009


Sorry I am probably the worst blogger ever because I have all these plans to post things and I never do but do not fear this week will be different. So I have some book reviews to post up between today and tomorrow I think three in total. Some updates if you haven’t seen my contest ends on the 25 of this month so spread the word (please with a cherry on top!). So I don’t know if I have any followers who are seniors(yes, no, maybe so) the point is I am studying for the ACT and SAT you guys probably already took them but if not I will share some of the tips I get from my studying at the end of every post if anyone is interested. So that’s it for now.

Oh I read this On PI pretty cool.


  1. haha i'm a senior. SAT isn't that bad--my suggestion would be think about the essay question before writting it down, and keep your eyes on the clock--but don't write a fast outline or a rough draft: you'll run out of time! usually they give you more time than you'll need, so don't rush. it's really not that bad, it's just time consuming and tedious. because you read so much, you'll probably have great reading comp and vocab and spelling and such. good luck!

  2. oh and you're not the worst blogger ever ;D


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